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The smart machine for everybody

The most competitive RFID production method

Easy operations machine with self-diagnosis is the expandable entry level solution for all who have the propensity to produce and which are now excluded from the market.;
Small and medium producers of labels and tickets, systems integrators, suppliers of identification systems, end users have access to the tool to enter.
Small size and easy portability allow RFID production in different production plants and by small supplier also for large volumes applications.

Investment/productivity ratio favorable
Inexpensive raw materials
Negligible labor and energy costs
Machine Features

The most convenient way to start RFID production for any quantity.

  • Few room, 1.2sqm
  • Few energy
  • Easy operations
  • Immediate set up
  • Materials last for many shifts
  • Problem detection with automatic stop
  • Unattended production
Machine configuration

Many options to obtain in a single step countless combinations of finished products ready to use, even encoded and personalized

  • Thermal transfer or ink-jet printer
  • Additional unwinders
  • Longitudinal folder
  • Hot laminator
  • Laser unit for marking, cutting etc.
  • Turret rewinder


Antenna format - High flexibility


  • Immediate prototyping
  • New format tooling fast and inexpensive
  • Adjustments in an instant at no cost
  • to be adapted to frequencies and materials
  • Pilot and low volumes are possible and not expensive
  • Only one loop antenna format for each IC
  • Antenna size can be easily adapted to label size



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